Irrespective of how stable and reliable an Internet hosting service is, a problem may always appear with your Internet sites. An update can go wrong and you might lose important info, you could delete a file or a whole folder in error or someone may get unauthorized access to your account. In any of these scenarios a backup of your content shall be a guarantee that the websites can certainly be restored the way they were before the issue appeared. The trouble with a lot of hosting platforms and Control Panels is that backups are generated once a day and each new backup overwrites the previous one, thus if you recognize that something is wrong with your Internet site 2 or 3 days later, it shall likely be too late to restore anything and you shall end up losing the data. In order to avoid this kind of a scenario, we've designed a cutting-edge backup system which will enable you not just to restore your files easily, but also to choose the date when the backup was created.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Website Hosting

If you get one of our cloud website hosting solutions, we will keep backups of your entire information 4 times every day, so in the event that anything has to be restored, you can use the most up-to-date copy, which means no loss of info or minimal damage in case that you've included information after the last backup was made. You shall also be able to browse all backups going 1 week back through the File Manager section of your CP, hence you can easily find and restore the files that you need from the exact time that you need. The restoration is as basic as copying a file or a folder from one location to another, which means that no specific skills are required. For security reasons all backup files are read-only to guarantee that content cannot be deleted from them by accident. With this platform you'll never need to worry about the integrity of your information no matter what because we shall normally have at least a few copies which you will always be able to browse from inside your Control Panel.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

The backup service is active by default for all semi-dedicated server accounts which are set up on our innovative cloud platform. A copy of the entire content is created daily and we will always have no less than 4 backups of your files for each of the past seven days. Apart from the number of backups, the edge of our platform over the service which other service providers offer is the fact that you can surf all available backups by using the File Manager tool in your web hosting Control Panel. The only big difference from the ordinary folders you have is that the backup ones are with read-only permissions for protection reasons, but the control is precisely the same, therefore if you wish to restore one file or a whole folder, you just need to copy it to the actual domain name directory and you shall be all set. This feature will save you the time that you would otherwise spend to make contact with our tech support and will supply you with the security which you need as you will never lose any information anymore.