Not too long ago, the cPanel Control Panel seemed to be a proven front runner on the website hosting marketplace. Its popularity grew so big that nowadays cPanel is an analogue of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel has been based on dated ideas and what worked well eight years ago is just not valid presently.

This is exactly why, we created the Webhost XL Control Panel, designed around the ideas of these days and ready for the tests of the foreseeable future. It is developed to operate in the cloud, to be convenient to use and to also let you control every aspect of your online presence: web site, domain and invoicing, all from one place.

1. Domain/billing/web site settings

The Webhost XL Control Panel helps you efficiently command all your domain names, e–mail messages and web sites with just a mouse click. This way, you are able to handle all aspects of your online presence from just one location.

If you ever need different website management tools – one for your sites, and another from which you can manage your domain names and payments, then cPanel is perfect for you. However, you will have to sign into two places all at once to properly manage your online presence.

2. File Structure

Maintaining numerous domain names and sites from one website hosting account must be uncomplicated. In the Webhost XL Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain is situated in a distinct directory and is totally independent from the other.

If you try to take care of multiple sites from a single cPanel website hosting account, it could be quite confusing. You have a single main site and all of the additional websites and subdomains are going to be incorporated into its directory as sub–folders. If you’d like to avail of a standalone folder for each site, you will have to use different Control Panels for each.

3. File Manager

The Webhost XL File Manager is built to function much like your desktop file explorer. Offering features like drag & drop file uploads, right–click navigation menus, zip/unzip functions, etcetera., it’ll make manipulating your data files quick and easy. Moreover, you’ll find a built–in WYSIWYG manager and a program code editor.

The File Manager of cPanel is slow and constrained in characteristics. Uploading a number of files requires a lot of time and will not include drag & drop support. The in–built zip/unzip tool is untrustworthy and the file editing instruments will offer you only simple controls. There isn’t quick access to the available file management capabilities.

4. 100% free Bonuses

If you’re searching to get more for your investment, then the Webhost XL Control Panel is your answer. It includes freely available add–ons that are likely to cost over a thousand dollars. You’ll be able to make use of Webhost XL’s Web Site Installer Tool, Web App Installer, Framework Installer, Free Site Building Tool and you’ll have access to a big selection of free web themes.

The cPanel Control Panel is delivered using a paid license and additional gifts will be incorporated at an additional price. This means that even if your supplier provides totally free extras in the cPanel, their actual cost will be included in the final price of your cloud hosting plan. Additionally, the amount and sort of 100–percent–free bonuses will be different from one hosting supplier to another.

5. Control Panel Interface Operational Speed

The Webhost XL Control Panel is created employing the most recent web related technologies. That way, it employs in full the power of your web browser and connection to the Internet to so you can manage your web sites extremely fast. In our assessment tests, when performing identical jobs, Webhost XL’s Control Panel demonstrated three times quicker speeds compared to the competition.

cPane is designed to be placed on a wide selection of systems making use of various equipment configurations. Therefore, it isn’t absolutely optimized to function on a particular system, which may have compromising effect on speeds and stability. Additionally, It could be even sluggish at times of intensive web server overload.

6. Multi–domain Control

The Webhost XL Control Panel will give you a unique option to maintain a variety of domains and sites from a single simple–to–use interface. Domain name administration is smooth and switching to website operations means you only need to go on to another section of the Control Panel tool.

The cPanel Control Panel keeps different elements separated – you need to maintain your domains from one login area and your sites from a separate one. Each site has its own Control Panel. Controlling numerous web sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could be rather puzzling because all of the additional domains will be held in the folder of the main domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The Webhost XL Control Panel is admittedly simple to browse through. You will find a very useful top navigation bar, from which you will get to any section of the Control Panel, without needing to return to the homepage each time. Additionally, we’ve included a simple statistics widget on the main page, so when you log in, you’ll have a peek at exactly how many website visitors have recently arrived at your website.

In the cPanel homepage, you will find icons to all areas of the Control Panel. As a result, even though you never use a tool, you’ll still find it on the home page. In addition, to move between the different sections, you have to get to the home page and then go to an internal section.

8. Trial Accounts

Using the Webhost XL Control Panel, we’ve designed a full–featured demo interface for you to preview just before signup. You’ll get access to a test cloud website hosting service account from where you can setup email accounts, install web apps, generate brand new sub–domains, and make a website using one of the web–site constructors, etc. Should you like what you have created – you you’re able to enroll through the demo interface and preserve the things you have created up to now.

Through the demo website hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’re able to only become familiar with look of its user interface. Almost all characteristics are unavailable and also you can’t in fact go off the homepage. With many hosting providers, you will be given ability to access a plain cPanel demo account, and will not have the ability to look at the Control Panel you’ll actually be making use of to control your web sites if you enroll.

Rather than learning about the Webhost XL Control Panel, you can easily look into our Live Demo to check out for yourself how easy to understand web site management may be.

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